Features Description:

  1. coating has a high hardness and excellent abrasion resistance, can prevent rubbing (scraping) issue .
  2. Ultraviolet Curing don’t erosion from ethanol (alcohol), acetone and other solvents, chemicals will be protect decoration.
  3. Its difficult to contamination from tomato sauce, soy sauce, jam, sauce and other kitchen supplies and a mild detergent .
  4. Coating is the viaduct density, ink, etc. can not dip thoroughly, so this type of pollution, can easily remove by solvent.
  5. Because has excellent adhesion to ABS, PC, PMMA and other materials, so you can paint directly on the material, it can be the base paint.
  6. Because the curing time is short, and the coating cured after having superior non-adhesion ability, therefore, when the time of mass production is quite helpful.